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GreenIRR's dashboard
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Track emissions for a single vehicle or your whole fleet

We provide granular emission insights down to the vehicle level, so you can identify your top-performing vehicles or the ones that are harming your performance.

Highest Emitting Vehicles dashboard chart

See where to cut costs and operate more efficiently

Identify high emission areas of operations, track progress towards emission reduction targets, and assess the effectiveness of implemented sustainable solutions.

Cost of Carbon vehicle emissions dashboard chart - cost per Metric Tons CO2

Understand how you perform against industry peers

Trucking-specific analytics allow you to compare your emissions performance to industry peers and averages.

Industry Carbon Rating dashboard chart - Trucking industry vehicle emissions rating

Dashboard Features

Fleet Emissions

The dashboard is a user-friendly view of the fleet's emissions performance, so managers can quickly spot trends and derive insights

Operations Emissions

You can see a macro-overview of operation emissions, progress toward emission reduction targets, peer comparisons, and their industry ranking

Progress Documentation

GreenIRR provides low-frequency, time-stamped data which is critical to document progress, identifying historical emissions trends, and demonstrating the integrity of emission disclosures

Full Emissions Landscape

The dashboard contains an array of different visual analytics that provide information on fleet emissions. These analytics range from company-wide to vehicle specific, to illustrate the full emissions landscape.